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Product code: BT-CR2016

PANASONIC Lithium CR2016 (1PCS)


Benefits of this product

  • Long shelf life of up to 10 years; self-discharge is very low
  • Use in a wide variety of applications
  • High voltage (3V)
  • Use in a wide range of temperatures (-30°C to +60°C)
  • No mercury added
CR2016 Lithium coin batteries are commonly used in car keys, glucometers, cameras, electric thermometers, calculators, toys, electronic watches/clocks, etc. Also known as: DL2016, ECR2016, FA, SBT11, BR2016, 208-202, 208-204, 208-206, DL2016B, BR2016-1W, CR2016-1W, KCR2016, L10, LM2016, LF1/4V.