Sky Photo offers Film processing, including, E6 slide processing, Colour negative C41, Black & White film processing, process and print and film Scanning. 35mm processing developing and 120 processing and developing.


Process Cost
Develop Only – C41 R135.00
Develop Only – B/W or E6/120 R205.00
Jumbo Print R7.00
Scan to CD per film R160.00

Take you film from grains of silver halide to pixels. With high-end scans you can print huge, beautiful fine art prints and deliver high quality results to your clients.

And for casual snap shots from your holidays that you just want to show off on your tablet our low res scans are just perfect and economically priced. There’s a scan for whatever you need.

About scan sizes:
Small are suitable for jumbo prints and sharing online like on Facebook and with family over email. Medium is good for general purpose and printing up to A4.
Large is for professional use and prints over A4.

Discuss what you need when you bring your film in and we can help you choose the right size when scanning.

Scanning takes time.
Please chat to us about when you need your scans back as this is not a same-day service. We use paper sizes @ 300DPI for consistency. Working with DPI instead of paper sizes like A4? Chat to us, we’ll make it make sense.